Calling All Artists

...and people who can draw stuff good.


are an illustrator, designer or artist who creates great artwork, maybe you sell your art, maybe you've already sell through a merchandise site or maybe you just do it for fun..


 print a wide variety of goods including bags, t-shirts, mugs, coasters, wallets, clocks, phone cases and much more we also have an online shop, social media presence, and attend a whole load of conventions every year.


 we can create great quality products featuring great art and advertise them for sale at reasonable prices to thousands of potential buyers.
ZERO RISK FOR YOU: We handle all payment processing, printing, posting, packing and returns so it's totally risk free for you if your designs sell you make money, if they don't, sure it'll be a little disappointing but you're not stuck with 1000 printed products and no money to pay the rent.

WHAT IS YOURS IS YOURS: You always own your artwork, and will be credited on the website and anywhere else we advertise products featuring your artwork, and if for any reason you don't want to carry on, you just have to say and we'll remove the products from sale.

BRASS TAX: We'll give you 10% of the sales price of every product we sell featuring your design and there's no limit to your earning potential. Payments are made every other Wednesday and you can see in real time through our affiliate control panel how much you're earning.

Sound Good?

To get started simply drop us an email at and we'll get the ball rolling.