Getting Ready To Venture Outside

We’re itching to get back out there and meet you great folk again face to face so over the next few weeks we’ll be letting you know where we plan to be! Obviously our plans and schedule will be a little tentative as things move and change quickly and the safety of our staff and customers is paramount.

We will have to rebuild our stock levels back up so we won’t be taking up loads of tables at events as we have in the past as we rebuild after what has been a very tough couple of years stuck indoors.

We are really excited about getting back out there and look forward to seeing you all again!

Welcome FutureProject.TV

FutureProject.TV is the latest Twitch Streamer to trust us with to handle their merchandise.

Being a Twitch Channel ran by one of our own staff, it’s possible to think it was inevitable that FutureProject.TV was going to use our print on demand service for their merchandise but we like to think the fact our commission rates are higher than most of the better known companies and each item is printed and shipped from the UK helped the decision to choose us.

Did I mention we have no setup cost? Feel free to get in touch and discuss your merchandise needs.

International Shipping Update

Royal Mail are back shipping International post and so are we!

All Good Then?

Well, we have our paperwork in order for BREXIT, and we’re shipping nice and quick as usual, however, things are understandably slower due to the extra large red tape that replaced the small red tape we got rid of when we left the EU and COVID continues to wreak havoc on the postal services to both UK and international shipping

All orders that were held due to Royal Mail suspending International Shipping has been posted and on the way to customers..

We Still Love Our International Friends!

International orders mean a lot to us, and we pride ourselves knowing we ship our products to every corner of the world.

— Andrew

International Shipping Update

Just before Christmas, most of our delivery partners stopped exporting packages internationally, we assumed it would just be for a few days, however without a further update from our main delivery partner Royal Mail on when this service will be resumed we have taken the difficult to stop posting international orders.

What We Will Do With International Orders.

We have disabled our products on international only marketplaces such as, and and will re-enable the them as soon as it’s sensible to do so.

Orders made on our UK stores to be shipped internationally will be held by us until our delivery partners let us know the service is being resumed, I believe your stuff stored here with care is better waiting here than in a Royal Mail warehouse under a pile of millions of other packages. Everyone who will be impacted by this will be informed within 24 hours of purchase and of course given the option to cancel the order if the delay is an issue.

We Still Love Our International Friends!

International orders mean a lot to us, and we pride ourselves knowing we ship our products to every corner of the world.

We will resume our international services as soon as sensible, and are dealing with all the pesky issues BREXIT and COVID are throwing at us to ensure everyone has access to our products.

— Andrew

Delivery Delays

All our postal / courier partners are experiencing massive backlogs at present with even 24hr packages being delayed 2 days or more in some cases. It seems the COVID, Christmas, and BREXIT have all created a perfect storm which is causing havoc across all delivery networks.

Unfortunately there is NOTHING we can do about this at present, and there is unfortunately no-one we can call or shout at to speed things up, once we have posted your item is is completely out of our hands.

It seems all first, second and signed for services are being processed at the same rate, so there’s not even any upgrades we can offer.

We ask everyone to be patient if waiting for a package from us, which I know is not what you want to hear but, this year has been crappy as it is without having to wait longer than expected for a package!

What We Are Doing To Help

Like any other time, we are preparing orders as soon as possible and ensuring all packages are dropped off at the couriers way before ‘cut off’ time or arranging pickup in good time, however as an extra effort, where possible we trying to drop off items off in the morning rather than the afternoon, just in case there’s more than one collection during the day.

What If The Item Is Too Late To Be Useful?

I get it, at this time of year, there’s a deadline for many of the products you order and if they don’t arrive in time for the big man arriving, they are just not needed any more, don’t worry, once the item arrives you can simply send it back and we’ll give you a full refund.

I hope you understand, we can not refund for items before they have arrived back here, I know this means the process will take longer than we all would like, specially when the journey back to us will no-doubt take longer than normal however we are a small company, and simply can’t refund without receiving the items back. Refunds are processed the very same day items arrive back with us.

Many Thanks For Your Understanding.

Black Friday Deals Live Now!

That’s right, this year we’re playing and have some pretty great deals on the website, honestly, we’re practically giving it away so don’t delay these great products won’t be at this price for long.

We’ve added a bunch of great products, including our great range of ID cards at up to 33% off, some of our most popular T-Shirts at a huge 46% off and the Morph face coverings at 40% off.. We’ve even thrown in some of our best selling dice at over 40% off.

Seriously, these deals won’t last long.

Christmas Saved By Huge Bubble Machine.

Bubbles lead to slipy floors.. take care

With just 4 weeks till Christmas our Zoom Christmas plans may change thanks to the Governments huge bubble machine.

Yes your plans to avoid donning pants for the whole of the festive season have been scuppered as the government announces
– Science be damned! it’s Christmas!!

Obviously with the potential to see our loved ones, it’s time to start being careful out there, limit your time in mobbed shops trying to grab a 3 for 2 soap on a rope offer, opting to shop at quieter times or even online! But where online sells a whole bunch of great things which would totally qualify as a gifts, most of them not even available on the high street? That’s right!

GRINCH! We must save the high street” I hear you cry.

Ok Ok, I’m not being a killjoy, just y’know consider a festive facemask! That way if you want to visit the high street you can be safe Why Yes!, Yes we do sell many styles of facemask, including festive ones.

9 Weeks Till Christmas..

Add a little magic to Christmas

I’ve never been a fan of early festivities and Christmas decorations in the shops in October has always made me grumble. However this year even I, the man whom the Grinch thinks should lighten up, am beginning to think it may be time to get going with this whole Christmas lark.

There’s 9 weeks to go till Christmas, and in previous years that worked out at 116 shopping days and therefore way too early to start worrying, but as I’m sure you’ve heard, we live in unprecedented times and without wanting to poke festive cheer square in the eye, this year if you plan on getting your Christmas shopping on the high street, we have absolutely no clue how many days the shops will be allowed to remain open!

Fear Not! Christmas Is Not Cancelled!

Christmas sure will be different, but you’ve Still got plenty of time to get prepared. If shopping for gifts on the high street make sure you shop early and stay safe, none of your loved ones want you to have to drop social distancing to grab a bargain so don’t leave it till the last minute.

Christmas is still going ahead for bluecyborg too! Unfortunately, you’re not going to find us at many Christmas markets this year so we’ve added a Christmas store to our website where you can see our Christmas specific products which we are adding all the time. we can also send gifts direct to your loved ones, just let us know you don’t want an invoice in the package which will save you both time and money!

Halloween Store Now Open

It’s almost the time of year when things gets a little spooky and while trick of treating may be off the cards, nothing can stop us from sitting on the couch, eating our own bodyweight in chocolate and sweets and throwing something scary on the TV.. no not the news, I’m talking horror! No seriously.. not the news.

Our Spooky Swag Store is now open offering great Halloween and horror themed products from t-shirts to facemasks, mugs to Zombie Hunting Permits

Kill The Virus, Not The Environment

Ok, I know, despite caring about environmental issues, I’m not normally one to harp on about it to you and don’t worry I’ll try and sell you stuff later but first..

If you’re using masks in public spaces, I must first of all thank you for doing so, not everyone is, and I hope with the new legislation more people will as we go forward and maybe we’ll get back to seeing you guys face to face. However if you’re using disposable masks, please, at the very least dispose of them properly. we’ve all seen discarded masks lying on the pavement, and while I may be happy to grab most trash and pop them in a bin as I walk past it sits very uneasy with me to do the same with a discarded mask.

I could show you photos of masks littering the street, wrapped around the necks of birds or even floating in the oceans to hammer this home, but I’m sure you’ve seen many of these already.. so I will simply ask, please take a moment to discard your PPE considerately.

Ok.. as promised, here it comes!

Ideally, I urge you to buy and use reusable face masks, (Why yes, we do sell washable face coverings), they are not only cheaper in the long run, unless you’re reusing the disposable ones in which case.. erm.. eewww, stop it.

Washable, re-usable face masks are:

  • great looking – with a masks in an endless range of colours and designs and even the ability to design your own mask there’s sure you’ll be able to find a mask that suits you.
  • cheaper than disposable – you can use them over and over! This isn’t going to be over in a week or so, so you can buy your masks now and use them for the duration.
  • hygienic – as they are washable you’re all good wearing one for a short amount of time and then grabbing another (rather than wanting to get your money’s worth of a disposable one).
  • comfortable – some of our masks feature adjustable ear straps so you can make them fit perfectly to your face, others have thick ear straps so they’ll not cut into the back of your ears, reusable masks are also available in various sizes and if a mask really isn’t for you, you can also try other types of face coverings.

Take a look at our range of masks using the links below: