Coasters are Back

The eagle eyed will have noticed a few weeks ago all of our coasters went out of stock on our website, ebay and Amazon stores, our coaster offerings at our pop-up stores were looking a little slim too! The simple reason behind this was our supplier had none in stock when we wanted to order them..

Fear not, there’s a new batch on their way to us tomorrow so they are back on our website ready for you guys to order!

T-Shirts Forged In Fire!

Ok, Not really… but our new Blade Sketch range is pretty sweet.

In my spare time, I love to binge Forged in Fire, which has inspired our newest range of shirts featuring sketches of bladed weapons. We plan to expand this range over the upcoming months so let us know your favourite bladed weapons.

The first four of our Blade Sketch Shirts are available to buy right now including a chef’s knife, drop point hunter, tanto and our favourite the karambit

Summer Holiday 2019

Our offices will be closing on Thursday 11th July 2019 for two weeks, everything ordered after 9am on the 11th will be processed on Thursday 25th july 2019.

Closing is not a decision we take lightly, however as a small family business we often work 16+ hour days and 7 day weeks so it’s important we take a little time out every now and again to spend time with our family to relax.

We wont be turning off ordering on the website, however we will be making it very clear through notification bars on ordering pages there will be a delay in shipping.

When we come back well get right back to it and all orders made on our website between 11th-24th July will receive a free gift to say thanks for waiting.

Thanks for your understanding


NEW: The Dice Club

There’s a rumour that you can never have too many dice, which is why we developed The Dice Club a monthly subscription box especially for folk who love dice.

After hearing horror stories from other subscription boxes, we’ve tried to make it as simple as possible which means:

  • A clear pricing structure.
  • No rolling subscriptions.
  • No surprise money taken from your account
  • No need to cancel if you don’t want to carry on.

We offer a trial, which is basically 2 or more sets of great dice in a Dice club dice bag or you can subscribe for 3 or 6 months at a time and with your first month’s dice you’ll get some freebies as a thanks for signing up.

Once your subscription is up, if you want more dice every month you can subscribe again or if it’s not for you, don’t subscribe again. You’ll never have to jump through hoops to cancel and we’ll never charge you unexpectedly.

Check out The Dice Club now.

Happy Discovery Day!

Although my timing was out and I’m not yet finished re-binging season 1 for many of you it’s Discovery Day!

Star Trek Discovery is just as good the second time round, and I’m looking forward to season 2 Fridays. I hope you guys enjoy it too, even if you’ve not been Star Trek fans in the past, give it a go, I know this series has been well received by non Trekkie’s but don’t forget, in-between episodes check out our Star Trek Merchandise, our Netflix subscription depends on you!

De-Stress With A Splash Of Colour

There’s no doubt, we live in stressful times. The worlds gone mad, there’s crazy folk on the streets waving about weapons, the government can’t figure out what they’re doing about BREXIT, Trumps stamping his feet about his wall and to top it all off we’re all addicted to our mobile phones so we can’t even get away from it!

Put down your phone, pop on some relaxing music, pour yourself a nice cup of tea and take a break from the world with our great new range of Colouring Books designed specifically for adults (although I guess most of them are fine for kids too).

Unlike Kim Kardashian’s ‘scream therapy’, Adult Art Therapy is a proper thing, with researchers and art therapists alike telling us the calming benefits of colouring in for over a decade there’s no time like the present to grab a colouring book and pick up your colouring pencils, or pens (or the bodily fluids of your enemies, whatever!) and start colouring in!

Christmas 2018 Opening Times

The BlueCyborg offices will close Thursday 20th December 2018 to spend time with our family.

Please feel free to place orders on our website over the Christmas period, orders placed after 20th December will be shipped on our return on Monday the 7th January.

We just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for being part of our year, without you there would be no us and that would be very sad indeed.

Once again THANKS for being part of our 2018. 
We look forward to seeing you in 2019!