9 Weeks Till Christmas..

Add a little magic to Christmas

I’ve never been a fan of early festivities and Christmas decorations in the shops in October has always made me grumble. However this year even I, the man whom the Grinch thinks should lighten up, am beginning to think it may be time to get going with this whole Christmas lark.

There’s 9 weeks to go till Christmas, and in previous years that worked out at 116 shopping days and therefore way too early to start worrying, but as I’m sure you’ve heard, we live in unprecedented times and without wanting to poke festive cheer square in the eye, this year if you plan on getting your Christmas shopping on the high street, we have absolutely no clue how many days the shops will be allowed to remain open!

Fear Not! Christmas Is Not Cancelled!

Christmas sure will be different, but you’ve Still got plenty of time to get prepared. If shopping for gifts on the high street make sure you shop early and stay safe, none of your loved ones want you to have to drop social distancing to grab a bargain so don’t leave it till the last minute.

Christmas is still going ahead for bluecyborg too! Unfortunately, you’re not going to find us at many Christmas markets this year so we’ve added a Christmas store to our website where you can see our Christmas specific products which we are adding all the time. we can also send gifts direct to your loved ones, just let us know you don’t want an invoice in the package which will save you both time and money!

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