All Systems Go!

You’ll have heard over the weekend lots of businesses close their doors for the health and safety of their customers and staff, and rightly so and we just thought we would update you on our situation and let you know why we’re not closing too.

I take the health and safety of the public very seriously, and as my only staff member I take my health and safety very seriously too.

bluecyborg runs out of a custom built unit in our garden, so the risk of meeting people on the commute is very low, there is also no Costa or McDonalds on the route. The only time I need to leave the unit or meet anyone face to face is for receiving deliveries and to drop off items at the post office.

  • Deliveries into our unit are done via contactless delivery
  • We frank our post which means we have a machine in our unit which prints the postage onto your item which is then placed in a bag which we drop off at the post office, we do not queue, touch or pass items directly to any member of staff.
  • At this time our stock levels are ok and all of our major suppliers are working as normal.
  • Royal Mail, our main delivery partner are working and are being considered as the 4th emergency service.

To continue operating during this tough time I have taken many additional steps to protect the health and safety of my customers and my family. Luckily having an 11 month old baby we own a contactless thermometer which we use every morning and night to ensure our family does not have a fever and before entering the office I give my hands an additional wash (printing items many of them which are white means hygiene was already high hand grease can affect the finish and no-one wants to receive a new item with grotty hand prints on them).

Our family is practising strict social distancing and urge you to take care of yourself and the vulnerable around you by doing the same.

Stay Safe, we’ll get through this!

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