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Kill The Virus, Not The Environment

Ok, I know, despite caring about environmental issues, I’m not normally one to harp on about it to you and don’t worry I’ll try and sell you stuff later but first..

If you’re using masks in public spaces, I must first of all thank you for doing so, not everyone is, and I hope with the new legislation more people will as we go forward and maybe we’ll get back to seeing you guys face to face. However if you’re using disposable masks, please, at the very least dispose of them properly. we’ve all seen discarded masks lying on the pavement, and while I may be happy to grab most trash and pop them in a bin as I walk past it sits very uneasy with me to do the same with a discarded mask.

I could show you photos of masks littering the street, wrapped around the necks of birds or even floating in the oceans to hammer this home, but I’m sure you’ve seen many of these already.. so I will simply ask, please take a moment to discard your PPE considerately.

Ok.. as promised, here it comes!

Ideally, I urge you to buy and use reusable face masks, (Why yes, we do sell washable face coverings), they are not only cheaper in the long run, unless you’re reusing the disposable ones in which case.. erm.. eewww, stop it.

Washable, re-usable face masks are:

  • great looking – with a masks in an endless range of colours and designs and even the ability to design your own mask there’s sure you’ll be able to find a mask that suits you.
  • cheaper than disposable – you can use them over and over! This isn’t going to be over in a week or so, so you can buy your masks now and use them for the duration.
  • hygienic – as they are washable you’re all good wearing one for a short amount of time and then grabbing another (rather than wanting to get your money’s worth of a disposable one).
  • comfortable – some of our masks feature adjustable ear straps so you can make them fit perfectly to your face, others have thick ear straps so they’ll not cut into the back of your ears, reusable masks are also available in various sizes and if a mask really isn’t for you, you can also try other types of face coverings.

Take a look at our range of masks using the links below:

All Systems Go!

You’ll have heard over the weekend lots of businesses close their doors for the health and safety of their customers and staff, and rightly so and we just thought we would update you on our situation and let you know why we’re not closing too.

I take the health and safety of the public very seriously, and as my only staff member I take my health and safety very seriously too.

bluecyborg runs out of a custom built unit in our garden, so the risk of meeting people on the commute is very low, there is also no Costa or McDonalds on the route. The only time I need to leave the unit or meet anyone face to face is for receiving deliveries and to drop off items at the post office.

  • Deliveries into our unit are done via contactless delivery
  • We frank our post which means we have a machine in our unit which prints the postage onto your item which is then placed in a bag which we drop off at the post office, we do not queue, touch or pass items directly to any member of staff.
  • At this time our stock levels are ok and all of our major suppliers are working as normal.
  • Royal Mail, our main delivery partner are working and are being considered as the 4th emergency service.

To continue operating during this tough time I have taken many additional steps to protect the health and safety of my customers and my family. Luckily having an 11 month old baby we own a contactless thermometer which we use every morning and night to ensure our family does not have a fever and before entering the office I give my hands an additional wash (printing items many of them which are white means hygiene was already high hand grease can affect the finish and no-one wants to receive a new item with grotty hand prints on them).

Our family is practising strict social distancing and urge you to take care of yourself and the vulnerable around you by doing the same.

Stay Safe, we’ll get through this!

COVID-19 Update

I’m guessing you’re not living under a rock and have heard of the little coronavirus pandemic going about and we thought you would like a COVID-19 update from your favourite company called bluecyborg.

First of all

We would like to wish you and your families well in these difficult times, and urge you all to stay safe, not only from the illness but also from misinformation by fact checking things you read on social media and remembering scary news sells papers.

How are we getting on?

Well, thanks for asking!

We’re currently all fit and healthy at bluecyborg, we are following all the advice from official sources like the government and the World Health Organisation and ignoring all the crazy tin-foil hat folks, so while we may well get to the point where we will have to buy the expensive, low quality toilet roll from the corner shop we will continue to process and post all our online orders as normal.

Even before this whole situation we washed our hands, many times even when we hadn’t just been to the toilet! But just to be sure we’re washing our hands even more during the work day as your health and safety is our primary goal.

Like most small businesses, and particularly in the events industry, we are foreseeing tough times ahead. A huge part of our business is going out to conventions and events and meeting and selling to you the public it’s something we not only love doing, we rely on it! To this end I would ask you to please keep buying our products online else we will have to survive on super-noodles and people are hording all the good flavours!

Ordering from, if you are self isolating

There’s nothing worse than a “You Were Out” card and having to traipse to the local postal depot at the best of times and when you can’t it must be hell so simply pop in the comments section during ordering that you would like your parcel leaving in a safe place (like the porch or recycling bin) and we will make sure that information is printed on the package, hopefully your postie will do their bit and pop a card through your door to let you know it’s safe.

Where can you visit us next?

Unfortunately while we like to stay upbeat and make jokes this is where we are really being affected by the coronavirus: COVID-19. We had planned to really step things up and attend many more events this year however many of the events we have booked or were in the process of booking have been postponed or cancelled. There are a few still in the calendar but we fear it’s only a matter of time before these too will be cancelled or postponed. We will keep you updated on this situation.

Our Top 5 Binge-worthy Sky Box Sets

We’ve already shared our Top 5 Binge-worthy Netflix Shows and Top 5 Binge-worthy Amazon Prime Shows but if you don’t have Netflix or Amazon Prime Video but you’ve got Sky? we got your back.

5.Parks and Recreation
Whisk yourself away to Pawnee, a fictional town in Indiana and follow the goings on at the Parks and Recreation Department of the government, very amusing and you’ll get to see Star Lord actor Chris Pratt.

Ever wondered what a bunch of folk on community service would do with super powers? Here’s your chance to find out. This is fun although with quite a lot of vulgar language it’s not really one for the kids

3.Game Of Thrones
Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll know Game of Thrones is an epic fantasy with battles, giants, dragons and boobs.. Weekly this was quite a tough show for me to get into but binged it’s easy to get addicted.. and hopefully you’ll be out of self isolation before the last season.

2.The Good Doctor
As you already know I’m a sucker for a medical drama and this one is very good. Follow Shaun Murphy, an autistic doctor, as he learns to heal the sick and work in a hospital environment.

You think COVID-19 is scary, seems a patch on radiation poisoning! This Docudrama follows the tragic nuclear meltdown in Chernobyl in 1986, the series is chilling, gripping and well worth our number 1 spot.

Our Top 5 Binge-worthy Prime Shows

We’ve already shared our Top 5 Binge-worthy Netflix Shows but if you don’t have Netflix but you have Amazon Prime Video? we got your back.

Unfortunately we couldn’t include the fantastic Picard in this list because there’s just not enough of it up to make it binge-able! What’s your favourite shows on Amazon Prime?

Ok it’s not as good now as it was while Ragnar Lodbrok was about, but it’s still a very worthwhile watch as long as you’re not squeamish.

Fantastic show following the adventures of John Crichton, a astronaut thrown to a galaxy filled with characters from the world of Jim Henson. Honestly, this is well worth a watch.

3.Black Sails
Fancy yourself the swashbuckling tale of Long John Silver? You’re in luck because this is a great show with all the piratey goodness you can muster.

2.New Amsterdam
I know, you were expecting a whole load of sci-fi and fantasy in this list, but I’m a sucker for a medical show and New Amsterdam is actually one of the best I’ve seen in a long time.

If you’re an avid follower of us here at bluecyborg you’ll know we have a child called Lucifer, so this really shouldn’t be a surprise. Lucifer is a fantastic show about a nightclub owner who teams up with the police to solve crime.. oh yeah, he is the actual Light Bringer himself.

Our Top 5 Binge-worthy Netflix Shows

With news that soon people with just a minor fever may have to self isolate for a week due to COVID-19 we thought we would put together a list of our top 5 binge-worthy shows on Netflix.

So if you can still see your television past your massive stockpile of toilet roll, why not check some of these out and don’t forget to let us know your recommendations too.

5.The Good Place
This comedy is the perfect distraction from being stuck in the house. It’s got puns and frozen yogurt and philosophy.. what’s not to like?

4.Orange is the New Black
Taking the stuck inside to a whole new level this is a great show set in a women’s prison. It’s a very enjoyable show and will make you remember while you’re not allowed to leave your home till your self isolation is over at least you’re not sharing it with meth addicts.

3.Stranger Things
Head back to the 80s and join the gang in Hawkins fighting against the strange world of the upside down. This show has it all, from horror to comedy, but you may want to get a home delivery of ice cream before Scoops Ahoy makes you crave it.

2.The Witcher
If you need to escape, and fancy yourself some monsters and magic this epic fantasy follows a monster hunter for hire and you can join him on his journeys.

1.Star Trek: Discovery
Our list wouldn’t be complete without Star Trek, and if you’re not a hard core Trekkie this is a great gateway to the franchise and y’know if you do end up with a longer period of self isolation you can crack on watching more great series including The Next Generation, Voyager and Enterprise.

We’re Back

After a short outage earlier this week, our website is back online and although it may not look much different, we’ve been working very hard in the background for several months to upgrade the site so it’s more reliable, quicker, and more secure than ever.

As with all major updates we have had to make a few tough decisions which will impact our existing customers which I’ll try to explain here

We’ve taken the decision not to carry over our customer data.

Our previous website database held the personal details of thousands of happy shoppers from the last 5 years. We could have transferred all the details to our new system, however not doing so will allow us to ensure the security of our past “one time” customers and also to start fresh with things like newsletters so only people who want to keep in the loop will be.

What About XP Points?

We have records of customers XP Points, so no-one will loose out, if you choose to re-register on our website and believe you had points, please drop us an email and they will be re-added to you account along with 50 bonus points for your trouble

What About My Affiliate Earnings?

Don’t worry our affiliate accounts have been transferred over, I know some of you have quite a bit of earnings through the site, they are safe. You will have to use the lost password function when logging in for the first time as we have never have access to customer passwords so couldn’t transfer that over. One great new thing about the new system is your affiliate earnings can be spent as store credit without needing to get in touch first. We will be emailing all affiliates over the coming weeks as we want to work closer with you guys this year to make sure you’re getting the most out of our service.

Notice Anything Out Of Sorts?

Budding bug hunters, if you spot anything that’s not quite as it should be please get in touch so I can take a look and fix it. I always look to reward bug reports and good suggestions so keep your eyes peeled and email us at with all bugs, comments and suggestions.

Thanks for being part of our journey!
We’re only just getting started.

Summer Holiday 2019

Our offices will be closing on Thursday 11th July 2019 for two weeks, everything ordered after 9am on the 11th will be processed on Thursday 25th july 2019.

Closing is not a decision we take lightly, however as a small family business we often work 16+ hour days and 7 day weeks so it’s important we take a little time out every now and again to spend time with our family to relax.

We wont be turning off ordering on the website, however we will be making it very clear through notification bars on ordering pages there will be a delay in shipping.

When we come back well get right back to it and all orders made on our website between 11th-24th July will receive a free gift to say thanks for waiting.

Thanks for your understanding


Happy Discovery Day!

Although my timing was out and I’m not yet finished re-binging season 1 for many of you it’s Discovery Day!

Star Trek Discovery is just as good the second time round, and I’m looking forward to season 2 Fridays. I hope you guys enjoy it too, even if you’ve not been Star Trek fans in the past, give it a go, I know this series has been well received by non Trekkie’s but don’t forget, in-between episodes check out our Star Trek Merchandise, our Netflix subscription depends on you!