Christmas Saved By Huge Bubble Machine.

Bubbles lead to slipy floors.. take care

With just 4 weeks till Christmas our Zoom Christmas plans may change thanks to the Governments huge bubble machine.

Yes your plans to avoid donning pants for the whole of the festive season have been scuppered as the government announces
– Science be damned! it’s Christmas!!

Obviously with the potential to see our loved ones, it’s time to start being careful out there, limit your time in mobbed shops trying to grab a 3 for 2 soap on a rope offer, opting to shop at quieter times or even online! But where online sells a whole bunch of great things which would totally qualify as a gifts, most of them not even available on the high street? That’s right!

GRINCH! We must save the high street” I hear you cry.

Ok Ok, I’m not being a killjoy, just y’know consider a festive facemask! That way if you want to visit the high street you can be safe Why Yes!, Yes we do sell many styles of facemask, including festive ones.

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