COVID-19 Update

I’m guessing you’re not living under a rock and have heard of the little coronavirus pandemic going about and we thought you would like a COVID-19 update from your favourite company called bluecyborg.

First of all

We would like to wish you and your families well in these difficult times, and urge you all to stay safe, not only from the illness but also from misinformation by fact checking things you read on social media and remembering scary news sells papers.

How are we getting on?

Well, thanks for asking!

We’re currently all fit and healthy at bluecyborg, we are following all the advice from official sources like the government and the World Health Organisation and ignoring all the crazy tin-foil hat folks, so while we may well get to the point where we will have to buy the expensive, low quality toilet roll from the corner shop we will continue to process and post all our online orders as normal.

Even before this whole situation we washed our hands, many times even when we hadn’t just been to the toilet! But just to be sure we’re washing our hands even more during the work day as your health and safety is our primary goal.

Like most small businesses, and particularly in the events industry, we are foreseeing tough times ahead. A huge part of our business is going out to conventions and events and meeting and selling to you the public it’s something we not only love doing, we rely on it! To this end I would ask you to please keep buying our products online else we will have to survive on super-noodles and people are hording all the good flavours!

Ordering from, if you are self isolating

There’s nothing worse than a “You Were Out” card and having to traipse to the local postal depot at the best of times and when you can’t it must be hell so simply pop in the comments section during ordering that you would like your parcel leaving in a safe place (like the porch or recycling bin) and we will make sure that information is printed on the package, hopefully your postie will do their bit and pop a card through your door to let you know it’s safe.

Where can you visit us next?

Unfortunately while we like to stay upbeat and make jokes this is where we are really being affected by the coronavirus: COVID-19. We had planned to really step things up and attend many more events this year however many of the events we have booked or were in the process of booking have been postponed or cancelled. There are a few still in the calendar but we fear it’s only a matter of time before these too will be cancelled or postponed. We will keep you updated on this situation.

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