Delivery Delays

All our postal / courier partners are experiencing massive backlogs at present with even 24hr packages being delayed 2 days or more in some cases. It seems the COVID, Christmas, and BREXIT have all created a perfect storm which is causing havoc across all delivery networks.

Unfortunately there is NOTHING we can do about this at present, and there is unfortunately no-one we can call or shout at to speed things up, once we have posted your item is is completely out of our hands.

It seems all first, second and signed for services are being processed at the same rate, so there’s not even any upgrades we can offer.

We ask everyone to be patient if waiting for a package from us, which I know is not what you want to hear but, this year has been crappy as it is without having to wait longer than expected for a package!

What We Are Doing To Help

Like any other time, we are preparing orders as soon as possible and ensuring all packages are dropped off at the couriers way before ‘cut off’ time or arranging pickup in good time, however as an extra effort, where possible we trying to drop off items off in the morning rather than the afternoon, just in case there’s more than one collection during the day.

What If The Item Is Too Late To Be Useful?

I get it, at this time of year, there’s a deadline for many of the products you order and if they don’t arrive in time for the big man arriving, they are just not needed any more, don’t worry, once the item arrives you can simply send it back and we’ll give you a full refund.

I hope you understand, we can not refund for items before they have arrived back here, I know this means the process will take longer than we all would like, specially when the journey back to us will no-doubt take longer than normal however we are a small company, and simply can’t refund without receiving the items back. Refunds are processed the very same day items arrive back with us.

Many Thanks For Your Understanding.

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