Huge Dice Restock

The bizarre times we live in haven’t stopped us from our quest to bring you the finest dice in all the land and over the past few weeks we’ve had thousands of dice arrive at bluecyborg HQ including both restocks and new designs.

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Among the many restocks are the Oblivion range, the popular Blood Splatter dice and the vibrant Toxic dice as well as some crystal and elemental sets.

We went a little mad with the new ranges introducing, among many others some new metal dice, two ranges of glitter dice, one with tons of small glitter particles and the other large glitter flakes. We also introduced a range of dice which look like they have colourful smoke trapped inside them and we also added the most beautiful range of dice we have ever seen in the space set featuring mesmerising colour combinations and shimmering glitter to boot.

Theres more on the way too so watch this space.

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