International Shipping Update

Just before Christmas, most of our delivery partners stopped exporting packages internationally, we assumed it would just be for a few days, however without a further update from our main delivery partner Royal Mail on when this service will be resumed we have taken the difficult to stop posting international orders.

What We Will Do With International Orders.

We have disabled our products on international only marketplaces such as, and and will re-enable the them as soon as it’s sensible to do so.

Orders made on our UK stores to be shipped internationally will be held by us until our delivery partners let us know the service is being resumed, I believe your stuff stored here with care is better waiting here than in a Royal Mail warehouse under a pile of millions of other packages. Everyone who will be impacted by this will be informed within 24 hours of purchase and of course given the option to cancel the order if the delay is an issue.

We Still Love Our International Friends!

International orders mean a lot to us, and we pride ourselves knowing we ship our products to every corner of the world.

We will resume our international services as soon as sensible, and are dealing with all the pesky issues BREXIT and COVID are throwing at us to ensure everyone has access to our products.

— Andrew

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