Our Top 5 Binge-worthy Prime Shows

We’ve already shared our Top 5 Binge-worthy Netflix Shows but if you don’t have Netflix but you have Amazon Prime Video? we got your back.

Unfortunately we couldn’t include the fantastic Picard in this list because there’s just not enough of it up to make it binge-able! What’s your favourite shows on Amazon Prime?

Ok it’s not as good now as it was while Ragnar Lodbrok was about, but it’s still a very worthwhile watch as long as you’re not squeamish.

Fantastic show following the adventures of John Crichton, a astronaut thrown to a galaxy filled with characters from the world of Jim Henson. Honestly, this is well worth a watch.

3.Black Sails
Fancy yourself the swashbuckling tale of Long John Silver? You’re in luck because this is a great show with all the piratey goodness you can muster.

2.New Amsterdam
I know, you were expecting a whole load of sci-fi and fantasy in this list, but I’m a sucker for a medical show and New Amsterdam is actually one of the best I’ve seen in a long time.

If you’re an avid follower of us here at bluecyborg you’ll know we have a child called Lucifer, so this really shouldn’t be a surprise. Lucifer is a fantastic show about a nightclub owner who teams up with the police to solve crime.. oh yeah, he is the actual Light Bringer himself.

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