Our Top 5 Binge-worthy Netflix Shows

With news that soon people with just a minor fever may have to self isolate for a week due to COVID-19 we thought we would put together a list of our top 5 binge-worthy shows on Netflix.

So if you can still see your television past your massive stockpile of toilet roll, why not check some of these out and don’t forget to let us know your recommendations too.

5.The Good Place
This comedy is the perfect distraction from being stuck in the house. It’s got puns and frozen yogurt and philosophy.. what’s not to like?

4.Orange is the New Black
Taking the stuck inside to a whole new level this is a great show set in a women’s prison. It’s a very enjoyable show and will make you remember while you’re not allowed to leave your home till your self isolation is over at least you’re not sharing it with meth addicts.

3.Stranger Things
Head back to the 80s and join the gang in Hawkins fighting against the strange world of the upside down. This show has it all, from horror to comedy, but you may want to get a home delivery of ice cream before Scoops Ahoy makes you crave it.

2.The Witcher
If you need to escape, and fancy yourself some monsters and magic this epic fantasy follows a monster hunter for hire and you can join him on his journeys.

1.Star Trek: Discovery
Our list wouldn’t be complete without Star Trek, and if you’re not a hard core Trekkie this is a great gateway to the franchise and y’know if you do end up with a longer period of self isolation you can crack on watching more great series including The Next Generation, Voyager and Enterprise.

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