Our Story So Far

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BlueCyborg, A Small Family Ran Business Since 2004

Hi, I'm Andrew, owner of bluecyborg.com. After gaining my Computer Science Degree many many years ago and managing a web development company, I developed bluecyborg.com as a software demonstration and to 'practice what you preach', selling knick-knacks such as glowsticks and body jewellery.

Fast forward to 2012, sick of working for, arguably, the worst boss ever, it was time for me to focus all of my time and energy on making bluecyborg a bill paying business. I gave the website a redesign, joined Facebook and Twitter and started to print geeky themed clothing all from a small corner in a one bedroom flat. Later in 2012 I started attending small local comic conventions to sell our products.

Over the next 6 years I continued to sell online via bluecyborg.com, Ebay and Amazon and traded at hundreds of Comic Conventions all over the UK, our product range grew and evolved and I even managed to get a place with a spare room to work from! While not everything has been smooth sailing a focus on selling great quality products and providing great customer service has ensured we are still around where many others have come and gone.

In 2018 I relocated to West Scotland, bluecyborg, obviously relocated too and is now homed in a state of the art custom built building, event's were a little harder to get to in 2018 due to the move, and in 2019 due to the latest addition to our family however  we planned a big comeback to events during 2020...

2020 Came, plans were scrapped. Despite many of our major suppliers closing down, I managed to keep selling online through the Covid-19 lockdown, however our large list of scheduled events were cancelled one by one and face-coverings became an unexpected product line.

Which brings us to today; bluecyborg.com is stronger than it ever was and we're back traveling the country doing pop-up shops and events and we are, as we have always been, a small family business with a focus on selling great quality products and providing great customer service.