The Dice Club

There’s a rumour that you can never have too many dice, which is why we developed The Dice Club a monthly subscription box especially for folk who love dice.

Join  Our DiceClub

After hearing horror stories from other subscription boxes, we’ve tried to make it as simple as possible which means:

  • A clear pricing structure.
  • No rolling subscriptions.
  • No surprise money taken from your account
  • No need to cancel if you don’t want to carry on.

We offer a trial, which is basically 2 or more sets of great dice in a Dice club dice bag or you can subscribe for 3 or 6 months at a time and with your first month’s dice you’ll get some freebies as a thanks for signing up.

Once your subscription is up, if you want more dice every month you can subscribe again or if it’s not for you, don’t subscribe again. You’ll never have to jump through hoops to cancel and we’ll never charge you unexpectedly.

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