Quests & Conquests: Episode 1. The Lost City of the Elves

Quests & Conquests: Episode 1. The Lost City of the Elves

Gather 'round, brave adventurers! Are you ready to embark on an epic journey of fantasy and adventure? Look no further than this instalment of Quests & Conquests, the ultimate source of inspiration for your next Dungeons & Dragons campaign!

The Lost City of the Elves

Plot: The ancient city of the elves has been lost for centuries, but rumours suggest that it has recently been rediscovered. The players are hired by a wealthy merchant to retrieve an artifact from the lost city. But they soon discover that they're not the only ones searching for it – a band of ruthless bandits is also after the artifact, and will stop at nothing to get it.

Act 1: The Journey Begins The players are hired by the merchant and given a map that supposedly leads to the lost city. Along the way, they encounter a group of travellers who warn them of dangerous creatures and treacherous terrain. The players must navigate through the wilderness, avoiding traps and ambushes, before finally reaching the entrance to the lost city.

Act 2: The Search for the Artifact Inside the city, the players must navigate through ancient ruins and overcome deadly traps to find the artifact. Along the way, they encounter strange magical creatures and learn about the history of the elves who once lived there. They also discover that the bandits are hot on their trail and are closing in fast.

Act 3: The Final Showdown The players finally reach the chamber where the artifact is held, only to find that the bandits have beaten them there. A fierce battle ensues as the players fight to protect the artifact and defeat the bandits. Once the bandits are defeated, the players can claim the artifact and return it to the merchant, who rewards them handsomely.

Epilogue: The Aftermath As the players leave the lost city, they reflect on their adventure and the dangers they faced. They wonder what other secrets the world holds, and what other adventures await them.

Quests and Side Quests:

  1. The players must navigate through a dense forest, encountering dangerous wildlife and a group of hostile goblins.
  2. The players must solve a riddle to unlock a hidden passage in the ruins.
  3. The players must defeat a powerful guardian that protects the artifact.
  4. The players must find a way to escape the lost city before it collapses around them.


  1. The wealthy merchant who hires the players.
  2. The bandit leader who is also searching for the artifact.
  3. The travellers who warn the players about the dangers ahead.
  4. The ghost of an ancient elf who guides the players through the ruins.


  1. The wilderness surrounding the lost city.
  2. The ancient ruins of the lost city.
  3. The chamber where the artifact is held.

That's just one example of a D&D campaign – there are countless other possibilities! The key is to create a compelling story with interesting characters, challenges, and rewards. Happy adventuring!

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