Quests & Conquests: Episode 10. Saving Santa's Workshop

Quests & Conquests: Episode 10. Saving Santa's Workshop

Gather 'round, brave adventurers! Are you ready to embark on an epic journey of fantasy and adventure? Look no further than this instalment of Quests & Conquests, the ultimate source of inspiration for your next Dungeons & Dragons campaign! 

Saving Santa's Workshop

Plot: The players are a group of adventurers who receive a desperate plea from the North Pole. Santa's Workshop has been attacked by an army of goblins, who have stolen all the toys and gifts that were meant for children around the world. The players must journey to the North Pole, battle the goblin army, and save Christmas before it's too late!

Act 1: The Call to Adventure The players receive a letter from Santa Claus himself, begging for their help. He explains that his workshop has been overrun by goblins, who have stolen all the toys and gifts. Without these presents, Christmas will be ruined for children all over the world. The players must journey to the North Pole and save the day.

Act 2: Journey to the North Pole The players must travel through treacherous winter landscapes, facing blizzards, ice storms, and dangerous creatures that lurk in the snow. They may need to cross frozen rivers, climb snowy mountains, or navigate through dark forests. Along the way, they may encounter friendly creatures like reindeer or helpful elves, or face challenges like avalanches or ice bridges.

Act 3: Battle in Santa's Workshop The players arrive at the North Pole and find the workshop overrun by goblins. They must battle their way through the workshop, fighting off goblin hordes, avoiding traps and pitfalls, and retrieving the stolen presents. They may need to face off against powerful goblin leaders or use their wits to outsmart the goblin horde. If they succeed, they'll save Christmas for children all over the world!

Epilogue: Celebrating Christmas With the presents safely returned, Santa Claus invites the players to a grand Christmas feast. They are hailed as heroes by the elves, and their deeds are sung in songs and stories throughout the North Pole. The players may receive special gifts or rewards from Santa himself, and they can bask in the warm glow of a job well done.

Quests and Side Quests:

  1. Journey through treacherous winter landscapes to reach the North Pole.
  2. Battle the goblin army and save Santa's Workshop.
  3. Retrieve the stolen presents and return them to the workshop.
  4. Celebrate Christmas with a grand feast and festivities.


  1. Santa Claus, who seeks the players' help to save Christmas.
  2. Elves, who may provide aid or information to the players.
  3. Reindeer, who may offer transportation or assistance in navigating the snowy landscapes.
  4. Goblins, who are the primary enemy of the players and must be defeated to save Christmas.


  1. The North Pole and Santa's Workshop, where the players must battle goblins and retrieve the stolen presents.
  2. Winter landscapes such as snowy mountains, dark forests, and frozen rivers, which the players must traverse to reach the North Pole.
  3. The Christmas feast, where the players can celebrate their victory and receive rewards or gifts from Santa Claus himself.
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