Quests & Conquests: Episode 6. The Curse of the Moonstone

Quests & Conquests: Episode 6. The Curse of the Moonstone

Gather 'round, brave adventurers! Are you ready to embark on an epic journey of fantasy and adventure? Look no further than this instalment of Quests & Conquests, the ultimate source of inspiration for your next Dungeons & Dragons campaign!

The Curse of the Moonstone

Plot: The players are hired by a wealthy merchant to investigate a strange curse that has befallen his family. The curse centres around a mysterious moonstone that was stolen from the family years ago, and the players must retrieve it and break the curse before it destroys the family and their fortune.

Act 1: The Investigation The players must investigate the curse, gathering information from the family's history and consulting with experts in magic and curses. They may encounter obstacles such as the family's reluctance to reveal their secrets or the interference of powerful magical entities.

Act 2: The Search for the Moonstone The players must track down the stolen moonstone, which has been lost for years. They may need to follow clues and travel to distant lands to locate it. Along the way, they may face challenges such as rival treasure hunters, dangerous creatures, or treacherous terrain.

Act 3: Breaking the Curse The players must use their knowledge and abilities to break the curse that has befallen the family. They may need to perform a ritual, defeat a powerful curse caster, or find a rare ingredient to create a cure. However, breaking the curse is not enough - the players must also find a way to prevent the curse from striking again.

Act 4: Protecting the Family The players must protect the family from further harm. They may need to negotiate with other factions who seek the moonstone, or protect the family from powerful enemies who seek revenge. In the end, they must ensure that the family's fortune and legacy are secure.

Epilogue: The Rewards The players are rewarded for their efforts, whether through the gratitude of the wealthy merchant, the treasures they uncover, or the knowledge they gain. However, they must also deal with the consequences of their actions - they may have made powerful enemies or attracted the attention of dark forces.

Quests and Side Quests:

  1. Investigate the curse that has befallen the wealthy merchant's family.
  2. Track down the stolen moonstone that is central to the curse.
  3. Break the curse and find a way to prevent it from striking again.
  4. Protect the family from further harm and ensure their fortune and legacy.


  1. The wealthy merchant who hires the players to investigate the curse.
  2. Family members who may be cursed or have knowledge of the family's secrets.
  3. Experts in magic and curses who can help the players in their investigation.
  4. Rival treasure hunters or enemies who seek the moonstone for their own purposes.


  1. The wealthy merchant's estate, where the players begin their investigation.
  2. Distant lands where the players must travel to locate the stolen moonstone.
  3. The lair of the curse caster or other powerful entities who seek the moonstone.
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