2023 our 18th Year!

2023 our 18th Year!

Way to make me feel old, bluecyborg.com is now in it’s 18th year of online trading!

The internet was a lot different back when we started and so were we! We’ve had steady growth over the years, made some great friends and partnerships and of course more recently taken some pretty big hits with global events such as the pesky pandemic and Brexit but we’re still here and don’t plan on going anywhere for a long while.

Our website has gone through many improvements and changes, and our products have also changed and developed but our goal is still as it always was, give our customers great products and a great service at the best price we can, and I guess you don’t hang about for 18 years in this business without doing something right..

This year we hoping to see many more of you at Comic Conventions and Trade Shows and continue to bring more exciting products to you. Thanks for your support over the last 18 years!

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