February Wrap Up & Looking Forward

February Wrap Up & Looking Forward

As February comes hurtling to an end it's time to take a look at what I've been up to...

It was great to get out of the office this month for our first event of the year and meet some new faces at Dumblane Comic Con, BGCP put on a great event and I'm sure we'll be back next year.

A load of new products

As always there have been a lot of new products added to the site this month including some beautiful new Dice Towers, 28-72mm Miniatures and of course more...


This month I've added a whole host of new dragon variations, including a lot more adult articulating dragons which are longer and slimmer than their baby versions with some almost over 60cm long! and there's now more than ever Adult Crystal Dragons and Adult Gemstone Dragon designs to choose from. Due to the time it takes to print these adult dragons, I have decided rather than to expect you to wait several days for me to ship your order, adult dragons available to buy on our website are pre-printed and in stock ready to be shipped out to you, I will of course try to keep as many in stock as possible and you can always get in touch if you want to put your favourite colour combination to the top of the reprinting list.

Streamlining Systems

I've continued my mission to provide you with a better service this month, improving our systems to ensure our stock levels and prices are the same between our store and pop-up shops and I should never have to advise people at shows to wait a few days till I've gone through the long and tedious job of removing dice sold at our pop-up shops from stock on our website. These improvements also mean we can now offer Gift Cards which can be used both on our website or at our pop-up shops, something many of you have requested but I was unable to do until now.


Looking Forward To March

March is looking to be a very busy one indeed we have 3 large events confirmed, EK Comic Con, Airecon and Scotland Comic Con and will as usual do our best to continue to offer new and exciting products.

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