London Film & Comic Con: THIS WEEKEND!

London Film & Comic Con: THIS WEEKEND!

Calling All Adventurers!

Prepare your spell books and sharpen your blades because BlueCyborg is embarking on an epic quest to the London Film & Comic Con this weekend!

TTRPG Treasures: Our enchanted booth awaits! Dive into a treasure trove of spellbinding TTRPG products—from ancient grimoires to mystical dice sets. Whether you seek forbidden knowledge or legendary artifacts, we’ve got it all.

Explore the Realm: Wander through our mystical pavilion, where every corner reveals a new adventure. Beware of mimics (they’re not just in dungeons)!

Can’t Attend?

Fear not, fellow wanderer! Follow our digital ravens on social media for updates, magical giveaways, and glimpses into parallel dimensions. Adventure awaits beyond the physical veil!

May your rolls be crits, and your potions never taste like goblin sweat. See you at LFCC!

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