New Dragon Hues Take Flight!

New Dragon Hues Take Flight!

As the buzz of Comic Con season fills the air, a wave of excitement sweeps through the realm of fantasy enthusiasts and collectors alike. Amidst the flurry of costumes and fandom, a unique phenomenon is unfolding – dragons are finding new homes at an unprecedented pace!

Dragons, those majestic creatures of lore, have long captured the imaginations of people around the world. And now, they’re being adopted faster than they can be printed, a testament to their enduring allure and the creativity of their designer.

This surge in popularity brings with it a thrilling opportunity for innovation. As an artisan of these fantastical beasts, I’ve embraced the challenge to breathe new life into my creations with a palette of unexplored colours. The result? Four stunning new colour combinations that have just soared into the store, ready to enchant and inspire.

Azure Flame

A dragon of this hue is no mere creature; it’s a poetic fusion of sky and fire. The Azure Flame dragon is a spectacle of serenity and intensity, its scales a dance of tranquil blues and passionate reds. It’s as if the calm of the ocean has been set ablaze, a paradox that only the boldest of collectors can tame.

Crimson Tide

The Crimson Tide dragon embodies the fierce spirit of the sea during a sunset storm. With scales that shimmer like the sun’s reflection on turbulent waves, this dragon is a treasure for those who seek the thrill of the untamed ocean and the beauty of a stormy horizon.

Fire Storm

A tempest of colour, the Fire Storm dragon is a dynamic display of reds and yellows, evoking the untouchable beauty of a blazing inferno. This dragon is for the brave, for those who wish to harness the raw power and energy of a storm contained within the form of a mythical beast.

Sunfire Emerald

Lastly, the Sunfire Emerald dragon is a harmonious blend of the sun’s golden rays filtering through the canopy of an ancient forest. Its green and yellow hues are a reminder of the dawn of time when dragons were said to roam the earth, a perfect addition for the collector who appreciates the timeless narrative of these creatures.


As we celebrate the season of Comic Con and the magic it brings, let’s welcome these new dragons into our midst. They are more than just collectibles; they are emblems of our passion, creativity, and the boundless realms of our imagination.

So, fellow dragon enthusiasts, visit the store and choose your companion. Whether it’s the calming Azure Flame, the wild Crimson Tide, the fierce Fire Storm, or the radiant Sunfire Emerald, each dragon awaits its destiny with you.

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