Time for a little R&R

Time for a little R&R

TL:DR : We're taking a short break and will resume processing orders on the 1st July 2024

With a ridiculously busy few months adventuring behind us and plenty of busy months ahead including the hectic school holidays where I switch to working mainly nights, it's time for me to stop surviving on short rests and questionable healing potions of Monster and to take long rest, gain back some HP and magic slots, because this business with it's long days, short nights, traveling and being away from family can feel like a grind without the magic!

While I may dream of heading to a secluded lake to go fishing I'm really needing to catch up on some work that I can't do while processing orders like count stock, reorganise the studio and finish some dusty projects and of course prepare for our next trip to the big smoke

It'll not all be work, I've got some new games I picked up at UKGE to play with the family and I really want to learn some new painting techniques too!

So with this in mind, I'm putting a pause on processing orders until July 1st 2024,  please feel free to continue to shop and place orders in this time, however please have patience as they'll not be processed until the 1st. All orders made before  Today (19 June) have already been processed and posted.

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