We must embark on a side quest—our annual stock-take!

We must embark on a side quest—our annual stock-take!

Greetings, fellow adventurers!

As the sun rises higher in the sky, and the anticipation of summer fills the air, we find ourselves at the threshold of an extraordinary event: the mighty summer comic con season! Starting with The London Film & Comic Con! The realm of fantasy and imagination is set to come alive, and our hearts beat with excitement. But before we strap on our Armor and set off on this thrilling adventure, we must embark on a different quest altogether—our annual stock-take!

Ah, the joys of inventory management, the clinking of swords, and the rustle of spell scrolls. As we meticulously count each item in our treasure trove, we want to ensure that we have all the essentials ready for your epic quests. Alas, our beloved heroes and heroines, it is with heavy hearts that we must announce starting from the 22nd June 2023 there will be a slight delay in shipping your orders.

Fear not, noble shoppers! This delay is merely a temporary hurdle we must overcome to guarantee a seamless experience for all and by the 4th of July 2023, we shall triumphantly resume shipping, ensuring your treasures reach your doorsteps in no time!

So, dear friends, as we take up our swords and shields to face the challenges ahead, we beseech your understanding and patience. Together, we shall triumph over these minor obstacles, transforming them into tales worthy of bardic songs. Let your imagination soar, and may your thirst for adventure never wane!

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