What a way to finish our 2023 tour

What a way to finish our 2023 tour

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of trading at MCM Birmingham, marking the final stop on our exhilarating 2023 tour, and it was an absolute blast! The energy and enthusiasm from everyone we met truly make the long days and sleepless nights worthwhile. It's always a joy showing (and, of course, selling) our products in person. I particularly relish those moments when customers do a happy dance upon finding their perfect dice set or spot their must-have dragon companion. Even the delightful struggle of customers deciding amidst the vast variety we bring to the shows adds to the overall experience.

MCM Birmingham was also great for me as I got to meet and chat with the fantastic crew behind one of my favorite D&D Podcasts, Roll Britannia! They've been entertaining me for over 120 hours this year while driving to and from shows and I'm still not caught up, so it was great to thank them for keeping me sane..

I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to each and every person who visited our stall at the 20+ stops on our tour this year. Your enthusiasm, smiles, and support have made this journey truly extraordinary. Whether you were discovering the perfect dice set, pondering over the diverse array of products, or simply sharing a moment of joy, your presence has been the highlight of our tour. It's your passion for our offerings that fuels our dedication, and we're immensely grateful for the vibrant community that surrounds us. Thank you for making each stop a memorable experience!

As we bid farewell to this year's incredible journey, I'm excited to share that the gears are already turning for next year's tour! Securing spots at events is becoming more challenging, but rest assured, we're determined to bring our products to as many fantastic gatherings as possible. The anticipation is building, and I'm thrilled to announce that we're gearing up for an even more extensive and impressive tour. Despite the hurdles, we're committed to enhancing your experience with a bigger and better stall, ensuring that each event becomes a memorable spectacle. Stay tuned for updates as we embark on this exciting new chapter, and we look forward to sharing many more moments of joy and discovery with you!

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