Endless Possibilities - Just Ask!


We're very happy for you to get in touch and ask for something that we don't list, just whack the chat button at the bottom of the website and ask! 


Colour You Want Not Listed? NO PROBLEM!

We have access to an endless amount of colours for our 3D printed products it's impossible for us to list every possible colour or combination therefore we only list our most popular colours, most of which we have in stock ready to print but that shouldn't mean you can't have the colour what you want!


Want it Smaller? Larger? NO PROBLEM!

Ok there are some limits to size, we can't print you a 20 foot dragon, trust me I would have one! but we certainly can make adjustments to the size of most of our 3d printed products.


Don't be afraid to get in touch to ask any questions, we do custom requests all the time and I don't believe you should pay over the odds just because you want something a little unique.