PaintPal Travel & PaintPal Studio

Clean up the clutter and Level up your hobbying game with The PaintPal Travel Hobby System;  your solution to your on-to-go hobby needs and its brand new desktop expansion The PaintPal Studio System designed by Corvus Games Terrain.

Both The PaintPal Travel Hobby System and The PaintPal Studio System  are modular and expandable allowing them to adapt to your exact needs and grow and change as your needs change.

We're licenced by Corvus Games Terrain to print and sell these systems, so you know you'll get the high quality finish you expect from us and you also know the designer has been rewarded for their great design.

Explore these great systems below, and start organising your wargaming and miniature painting hobby today.



PaintPal: A Modular Travel Hobby System

Designed by Corvus Games Terrain Printed by bluecyborg

The PaintPal Travel Hobby System is made up of six individual stackable trays. Inlcuded are: 

  • Regular lid (optional Drybrush Texture Palette Lid).
  • Dropper Bottle or 12ml 'flip-top' pots Carrier.
  • Wet Palette
  • Brush Storage
  • Model Storage
  • Ink/Shade wells

Optional extra trays are available to grow your system.

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PaintPal Studio: A Modular Desktop Hobby System

Designed by Corvus Games Terrain Printed by bluecyborg

PaintPal Studio consists of stackable and configurable storage racks that clip together using the popular OpenLOCK clipping system. Each core rack is made up of five paint pot modules that clip into the structural frames.

The paint modules are designed both flip-top and dropper bottles and cover a wide range of popular brands.

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