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Drider 28mm Scale Miniature

Drider 28mm Scale Miniature

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*Dice & Accessories are shown for size reference only and not included. Miniatures may need assembled and are supplied unpainted and un-primed.

As the stalwart adventurers ventured deeper into the labyrinthine caverns, the air grew heavy with a foreboding sense of dread. Their torchlight danced eerily on the walls, revealing twisted webs that clung to the cold stone. Suddenly, a haunting melody echoed through the darkness, sending shivers down their spines. As they cautiously advanced, their eyes widened in both awe and terror as they beheld the monstrous creature before them—an abomination of the Underdark, a drider. Its upper body, once that of a drow, now fused seamlessly with the grotesque form of a giant spider. Fangs glistened in the dim light, venom dripping with malevolence, while multiple eyes gleamed with predatory hunger. The drider, a paragon of arachnid malice, skittered towards the adventurers with unnerving grace, mandibles clicking menacingly. With blades drawn and spells at the ready, they braced themselves for a battle that would test their mettle and resilience against this unholy fusion of drow cunning and arachnid savagery.

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We only print models for which we have an active commercial licence.

3D Printed here at bluecyborg

Our resin 3d printed products are printed in-house with high quality resin.

Miniatures available in 28mm Scale unless stated otherwise.
If you would like a different size to the one advertised please send us a message and we can easily sort this out for you.

Miniatures made to order. All minis are washed, cured and have supports removed unless stated otherwise. Processing is all done by hand so very occasionally there may be a support that has been missed.

Each miniature is unpainted and unprimed. Printed in Grey Resin to help make any details stand out. Painting is a breeze

Although all our miniatures are cured and safe to the touch. Please do not eat or place miniatures in your mouth, as uncured resin may be inside still. Do not allow around small children either.

Our resin miniatures are printed at a resolution of .050 microns to give you a high clarity/resolution miniature.

Photos represent an example of the finished product all products are produced on a made-to-order basis and may have very slight cosmetic imperfections due to the manufacturing / support removal process. We take pride in the quality of our products and ensure that all products meet our high quality standards!

Some Assembly May Be Required

Some of our models may come in parts that need to be glued, basic superglue will be fine for this purpose.

This will help protect the models in transit, and can provide you an easier painting experience. It is very common for miniatures to need gluing to bases which could also be of a different material to the miniature such as PLA Plastic.

Printed To Order

These items can take a few days to ship as they are normally printed to order, 3d printing is not a quick process and we would rather start again than ship a substandard product.

Returns Accepted

I know normally items made to order are excluded from returns policies, but we're not like that here..

If you're not happy, get in touch and we'll make good.

Unofficial Fan Content

This model is unofficial Fan Content permitted under the Fan Content Policy. Not approved/endorsed by Wizards. Portions of the materials used are property of Wizards of the Coast. ©Wizards of the Coast LLC.

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