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LegendGames 32mm Round Necron Bases x10

LegendGames 32mm Round Necron Bases x10

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Introducing the LegendGames 32mm Round Necron Bases x10 - the perfect addition to any Necron army! These bases are designed with intricate details and are expertly crafted to enhance the overall look of your Necron miniatures.

Made from high-quality materials, these bases are both durable and easy to work with, making them the perfect choice for tabletop gamers and hobbyists alike. Whether you're painting, converting, or simply looking to update the look of your army, these bases are sure to impress.

Each base measures 32mm in diameter, providing ample space for your Necron miniatures to stand on. And with their unique Necron-inspired designs, they'll add a touch of darkness and mystery to your army, creating a hauntingly beautiful aesthetic that's sure to impress.

So why settle for plain, boring bases when you can have the LegendGames 32mm Round Necron Bases x10? These bases are the perfect choice for any Necron player looking to elevate their army to the next level. So don't wait - order yours today and experience the power and beauty of the Necron race!

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